Using My First Rabbit

The “My First Rabbit” vibrator is available at for $39.99 and includes 3 AA batteries. 

After inserting the 3 AA batteries into My First Rabbit, figuring out how to turn My First Vibrator on and off and switch between the 2 speed controls and 10 variable functions will be as fun and free as exploring your body should be! And since My First Vibrator is made of smooth, soft, jelly, inserting the head and shaft will be easy like Sunday morning (though once you activate the clitoral stimulators you’ll be more inclined to refer to it as “easy like prom night”).

Just because My First Rabbit is simple to operate and easy to insert doesn’t mean that it isn’t a highly complex sex toy with a full range of nuanced functions designed to bring your body to a deep-sea, ocean-wide, totally combustive climax. The reversible rotating shaft is lined with pleasure beads that perform micro-massages to areas you didn’t even know existed until My First Rabbit hopped into your life! You won’t regret taking the next step in self-satisfaction by upgrading to a deluxe My First Rabbit vibrator!