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Slender Rabbit Vibrator
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Jack Rabbit Vibrator
$32.99 at customer shares her experience with the Slender Rabbit Vibrator (shown above in purple):

I have a very small frame (and hence a small vagina) and so I’ve always been the kind of gal who uses vibrators clitorally. Every time I tried to insert a vibrator it was just way too big and wound up hurting. So the thought of a rabbit vibrator–a vibrator that you use inside and outside both at the same time–seemed like something that women with like 5 kids and a urinary control problem would have to use…until I saw the slender rabbit.

The Slender Rabbit is way smaller than any other rabbit vibrator I have every seen and it enticed me enough to take a chance (again–so glad I did!). The slender rabbit vibrator was the best first rabbit vibrator for my small entrance. I could enjoy the swivels and motion of the shaft without feeling stuffed, and of course I got my external stimulation, too. Best. Orgasms. EVER!

– Annonymous Customer